The village of Mirleft

Mirleft, region of Souss (name once given to all of southwestern Morocco), is a small fishing village 1h30 south of Agadir between Tiznit and Sidi Ifni.

It is a stopover village for the white beaches of the great Moroccan south located on the edge of cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

"The prince of turnips", Mirleft in Berber, is at the foot of a dream beach for surfers and ideal for families because supervised in summer by professional lifeguards.

Le village de Mirleft

Hotel Abertih

The Abertih hotel is right in the center of the village, a stone's throw from the souk. Abertih is the name of a douar in the mountains 30 minutes on foot or by donkey from Mirleft.

The terrace overlooks the main street which could look like a small Mexican village, we expect to see Clint Eastwood coming out of the cafe at any time. Here, the cowboys have donkeys…

From the terrace you can also see the hinterland as well as the sea located about 900 meters from the village.

Abertih hôtel à Mirleft
Hotel Abertih

Abertih Freedom

Abertih is more than a hotel, it is a real guest house. It is a special place where you feel at home, free of your desires and your choices.

You can stay calm, simply stretched out on the terraces, or share the always animated discussions of the mild evenings in the comfort of the living room colored with warm and cheerful hues.

Everything is possible, eat when you feel like it, sleep all day, sip tea on the terrace, go for a donkey ride in the mountains, surf at Marabout beach, fish in the rocks of Aftas...

A Abertih, c'est la liberté totale
Abertih = freedom

Abertih friendliness

Abertih is like the village of Mirleft, a unique place in the world, where magic and simplicity merge, where time no longer matters, a place from which you will no longer be able to leave and which will make you want to belong to him.

You will find here more than a vacation, a real source of well-being and renewal, deep rest, a new way of seeing life...

Here, you will find the abundance and generosity of your host, Damien, and his team, always present to meet your expectations.

Abertih, c'est avant tout la convivialité


11 in number, some provide all the comfort expected by the most demanding (including private toilets), others have collective toilets. So, depending on your budget, you will inevitably find a room for you at the Abertih hotel! The watchwords are cleanliness, comfort and the friendliness of the team at your service.

Abertih is made up of five bedrooms with private bathrooms and six bedrooms with shared bathrooms. We have a "Suite", this one has a private terrace ideal for sunbathing while sipping a little tea (mint, thyme or absinthe depending on the season). You will feel at home.

Each room has its own decoration. Wifi (fiber) is accessible throughout the establishment, books and magazines are available at reception.

No television here, change of scenery guaranteed!


Discover traditional Moroccan cuisine at the restaurant of the Abertih hotel (in the evening only). Order our dishes that you can enjoy on the terrace, in the dining room or in your room. Our cooker will meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

Here is a typical menu that we offer: spider crab, sea bass in a salt crust, lemon meringue pie, house specialty! Depending on your desires, the arrivals of fish and also your budget, come and discuss with our cook and he will prepare a tailor-made meal for you. Treat me, treat yourself!

And to wash down all these good dishes, we offer you on the wine list the Domaine de Sahari, my favorite but also: Château Roslane, Domaine Rimal, Volubilia Gris Rouge or Blanc, Médaillon Rouge et Blanc, Zellige Rouge et Blanc... !


Discover our traditional hammam!!

The hammam offers you a relaxing moment thanks to its humid vapor with eucalyptus aromas. The high temperature acts on muscle tension and aches and promotes sleep.

And much more: massages, beauty treatments, hairdressing...Wellness

Discovery the region

Découvrir la région Souss-Massa-Drâa

Souss-Massa-Draa region encompasses 70 880 square kilometers. Within its boundaries are the prefectures of Agadir-Ida-Ou Tanane and Inezgane-Ait Melloul, as well as the provinces of Tiznit, Taroudant, Ouarzazate, Zagora and Chtouka Ait Baha. These are just a few of the delightful destinations in the beautiful Souss-Massa-Draa region of Morocco. Be sure to take some time to discover all the region has to offer when you tour Mirleft.

Damien, your host, confirmed paraglider, Team Pilot for the Bruce Goldsmith Design, will be able to advise you best on the spots around the Abertih hotel.


Leisures & activities in the region

Don't hesitate to ask Damien and his team for advice on any activity :
- Paragliding : Damien is also a qualified and keen paraglider and will check the weather conditions for you every morning so you can decide where to go flying. Sunsoar Paragliding in the UK run regular training holidays to our area, see there website and Facebook page of Abertih Paragliding
- Surfing : The area offers the best conditions for novices and experienced surfers. Mirleft has three surf schools with fully qualified instructors which also rent equipment.
- Horse riding : We work in partnership with two riding schools which offer lessons, trekking in the mountains and on the beach. To know more about what Le Ranch des 2 Gazelles offer, visit website.
- Fishing & snorkeling : Mirleft's surf schools also offer fishing trips to numerous spots along the coast. A typical half or whole day trip also includes a lunch of grilled fresh fish on the beach;) The coastline of Mirleft is also home to spectacular marine life. Snorkeling equipment is available to rent from all the surf schools.
- Mountain biking & Quad : There are scores of fantastic cycling circuits in and around Mirleft. You can rent bikes and even a guide. Why not make a day of it and include a meal prepared by a family in one of the nearby villages.

Paragliding Videos

Damien, Abertih's boss, confirmed paraglider, Team Pilot for the Bruce Goldsmith Design brand, will be happy to show you the best spots according to the Windguru forecasts printed every morning!
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Soaring Tifnit/Douira
Soaring Tifnit/Douira
epic ridge soaring in Aglou
BGD base 2 and epic ridge soaring in Aglou
BGD base 2 lite in Aglou Morocco
BGD base 2 lite in Aglou Morocco
thermaling over Bounaamane mountain
BGD team pilots thermaling over Bounaamane mountain
Soaring in Aglou, Morocco!
Soaring in Aglou, Morocco!
Restitution flight over Eagles Nest, Morocco
Restitution flight over Eagles Nest, Morocco


All prices are in dirhams. To give you an idea, a Euro was around 11 dirhams and a pound sterling around 12. Payments can be made by cash or VISA/MASTERCARD

Price for 2
Ensuite room
Shared bathroom
B & B
Price for 2
Ensuite room
Shared bathroom
Half board and hire car for one week: 5950 DHS

This option includes : a Fiat Palio or a Logan Dacia car delivered at the Agadir & Marrakech airports, full risk insurance, unlimited mileage, half board at the hotel (breakfast and dinner)

Whether you are paragliding, surfing or team building, we can help you with your programme. We offer specially tailored packages to suit your needs from airport pickup to conference facilities to fully catered dinner parties

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Address : Centre Mirleft, Mirleft 85352, Maroc

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